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How to Avoid Common Security Pitfalls in Go

Go has been one of the most popular languages for building microservices. Its simplicity and less overhead have proven to favor its rise in the community. Today, developers are using it to build web services for internet-scale.
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How to Use SVG Icon as AvatarBadge in Chakra UI

I was recently building a side project and I was using Chakra UI + Next.js. I wanted to put the Google logo as a Badge in the bottom right of an Avatar Image.
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How File-System Based Routing Works in Next.js

Next.js has file-system based routing built-in. You don’t have to explicitly define the path in the router. It’s as easy as adding a file inside the folder and you are done. There are multiple ways you can define a path using the file structure.
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Linux Commands: watch

watch is used to run a command repeatedly and display its output and error at regular intervals. This is useful when you want to run a command repeatedly and observe its output getting changed over a period of time.
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Linux Commands: env

env can be used to print the environment variables or pass environment variables to a utility/command without setting them in the current shell session.
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